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Ascend Nutritionals AutoRefill Plan

50% of our Customers choose our AutoRefill Plan and save up to 20%. Here's why:

- AutoRefill lets you replenish your supply without the trouble of shopping and ordering. It's convenient, affordable and easy.

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Our clients love the convenience of getting their favorite supplement delivered to their front door WITHOUT having to remember to go online or on the phone every month to place their order.

And clients also love the money they save with our AutoRefill Plan.

What kind of savings are we talking about here?

For example, just 1 bottle of Blood Sugar Stabilizer is just $55.20 a bottle through AutoRefill -- that’s a $14 discount - with more discounts going up to $30 per bottle.

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Additional benefits include:

[+] Prices Guaranteed: You are getting our lowest pricing, so there is no need to wait for a coupon or sale.

[+] Never Run Out: Receive your products every 30 days, or pick when you want them delivered, so you never run out.

[+] No hidden fees: The price you see is what you pay. Pay for the product and not the shipping.

[+] Freedom: Pause, cancel or change your shipment date any time by phone, email or web portal.

[+] Convenience: No more revisiting the website to re-order, just subscribe once and relax!

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To Your Health,

- Dr. Mark Weis